domingo, 6 de septiembre de 2009

At a Distance

At a distance, your image emerges in my mind

like the defining strokes on a painting.

I see your eyes being outlined

allowing me to dwell in the deep emotions and movements of your

personal symphony; at times, the towering peak of a mountain, powerful

and distant yet enticing to be conquered;

at times the conquering resolution of a big cat

resolved to enjoy with her prey;

at times the tender innocence of a child requesting protection,

only to surprise, as tenderness turns to passion

in a never ending kaleidoscope of emotions to be shared.

I see your skin being defined

its magical texture discretely glowing, a refreshing sight to be chanted:

dawn, midday or night, naked or dressed, displaying a parade of subtle colors

inviting to be painted and caressed.

I see your movement emerging

strength and precision in the undulating movement of a very feminine soul;

your outgoing spirit, forever in movement,

enacting your unique daily dance.

Abstract elements of a figure whose details may vanish a distance

but whose striking features paint a portrait in my mind

forever awakening a deep rooted sentiment

of non erodible love.

Ennio con ocasión de los 40 años de Gloria

The National Library of Poetry, Washington, D.C.